St Paul’s Anglican Church – East Kew

St Paul’s Anglican Church – East Kew

We are an inclusive Christian community in the Anglican tradition.

We value sacramental worship, transformational faith,
hospitality and social justice.

Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio (1601)

The Supper at Emmaus – Caravaggio (1571–1610)

Church Services

We alternate a Choral Eucharist and a Contemporary Eucharist week by week.

SUNDAYS at 10:00 am

Other Services

Live Streams and Recent Services

Altar Frontal

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St Paul's Service

We Welcome You

We welcome those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, straight, gay, old, young or somewhere in between.

We welcome wailing babies, excited toddlers, lonely parents, children and teenagers.

We welcome those who work too hard, don’t work or can’t spell. Those who are sick, anxious and worried or need to talk about such problems or just be with others who are friendly and helpful.

We welcome those who could use a prayer right now and those who may have had religion forced down their throats as children and feel switched off but still in search of something or are just plain curious.

We welcome locals, doubters, pilgrims, seekers and YOU.